Dixie Gunworx Custom AR-15/ M4

Dixie GunworX (DGX) specializes in custom builds for AR platform tactical/sporting rifles as well as hunting and long-range competition rifles. Today, and for the next several posts, we’ll focus on the advantages of a custom built AR15.
When you head into your local sporting goods store and make your way to the hunting section, you find an array of different AR15s generally available. From Colt, to DPMS, to POF, to Windham, to Bushmaster and many more. While they all range in price and quality, they all do one basic thing: fire a .223 (or 5.56 NATO) round. The question really comes down to the individual components and their quality, something that determines accuracy, performance, and lifespan of the firearm.

1236103491_lthmFor example, do all companies use the best components in their rifles? No, of course not. Many times, there are decent components used but then corners are cut in other areas to save money. Most “high end” rifles are simply ones that have proprietary parts, making them more expensive but not necessarily better. LMT, LWRC, LaRue, POF and KAC come to mind. Other manufacturers, while using decent parts, have shoddy construction and the rifles are “loose”, not fitting together as tight as they should. Rock River, Colt and DMPS come to mind. Then there are those that use less than desirable quality parts and have shoddy construction, but it would be probably cruel to mention Bushmaster or Delton here, so we’ll defer.

Many times, a customer will purchase a firearm and then “upgrade” it by purchasing more parts. Better grip, better stock, better trigger, better muzzle break, etc., leading to hundreds of extra dollars in cost. What do you do with those parts that came on the AR15 after you replace them? You’ve already purchased them and quickly replaced them, making them a sunken IMG_0203cost. Most people throw them in a box somewhere, feeling good about having spare parts…but will never actually use them. The point is, you spend X amount buying a stock gun, then spend more by upgrading and customizing it. Why not just start with the gun you want and avoid the premium cost of upgrading a stock firearm?

At DGX, you get the best value for your hard earned dollar when you build a customized AR15. You’re not buying parts that will only end up being replaced through upgrading and you’re getting components that are made by arguably the best manufacturers in the industry for that specific part. There are great manufacturers that produce complete AR15s, even ones 20130606_142713we’re impressed with (KAC and LMT, for example); but not one company out there can makes an all around better AR15 than a custom DGX rifle, due to our dedication to finding and using the best specific parts from the best manufacturers for that part.

The end result is an AR15 without compromise. You have exactly what you want with components made from the best of the best. But be warned: our custom AR15 owners encounter something they weren’t used to before owning a DGX AR15. It’s called “jealousitis” and occurs every time they take the firearm out of their safe when others, who own less fortunate AR15s, are nearby. No, your AR15 will not have a “brand” name on it; but, when you’re at the range or your next 3 Gun competition, you’ll see a lot of drooling from the other contestants as your DGX firearm cycles smoother, takes more punishment, has less recoil, needs less lubricant, weighs less, and, most importantly, shoots more accurate.


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