Hydro-Dipping, also known as water transfer printing, is an affordable way to add awesome detailed graphics such as wood grain, carbon fiber, camouflage, or geometrical designs to the surface of any plastic, fiberglass, wood, ceramic or metal material.The hydro-dipping graphics are commonly applied to the plastics of 4 wheelers, all-terrain vehicles, car dashboards, center consoles, bicycle and motorcycle helmets; and at DGX, we have found that Hydro-Dipping can also add some eye-catching, custom flare to your firearm.

The process starts by choosing a color base coat paint, and a graphic print that you want to customize with. There are thousands of combinations of paint and graphic prints to choose from, making your final product uniquely your own. After showing us what you want hydro-dipped, we paint that material with the base coat color of your choice. Then, we dissolve your graphic print on the surface of a tub of water. The item is dipped into the dissolved graphic and the ink from the print wraps around it. Finally, the item is washed and painted with a protective cerakote or automotive clear coat.

Shown below are some of the many Hydro-Dipping graphics you can choose from at DGX. Check out some examples of our Hydro-Dipping in our photo gallery, or bring in your firearm to our store to discuss what we can do for you.